Der Grosse Sommer

Position-> Gaffer
Anton Sommer (Mathias Gnädinger), a former Swiss wrestling champion, lives quietly in the countryside. Once a popular Schwinger (wrestler), Sommer tinkers at his bottle ships and wants to be left alone. But that is not so easy, because Hiro (Loïc Sho Güntensperger) does not respect Sommer's seclusive live, and, his grandmother is the owner of the house where Anton Sommer is living. As Hiro's grandmother dies unexpectedly, the boy asks the old Sommer to accompany him to south Japan – to an island where a Sumo school is located, and Hiro necessarily want to go there. Sommer does not intend to fulfill Hiro's wish, concluded with his past and a dark secret hidden which no one knows. But the little boy is just as stubborn as Sommer, even blackmails his grandmother's tenant by the termination of Sommer's apartment, and forces the old man to fulfill the boy's wish and to leave Switzerland for the first time in his life...[2] So Sommer travels to Japan to step into the footsteps of a Sumo wrestler, resulting in a feel-good movie about aging, own determination and a bridge between two cultures.
Director-> Stefan Jäger
Director of Photography-> Knut Schmitz
Cast-> Mathias Gnädinger, Loïc Sho Güntensperger, Gilles Gnädinger
Production Company-> Tellfim